Gain complete peace of mind over your home and business with unique patented technology from Stratis Security.

We know the devastating impact of crime on homes and businesses. Working with the most innovative product developers globally, Stratis delivers a suite of leading-edge security technologies to meet the exacting needs of our clients.

Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant or landlord, you want the same thing: visibility. Our solutions give you the intelligence you need to see exactly what threats you are facing and the measures to eliminate them completely. Whether providing end-to-end security solutions across an entire site or smaller installations at a single residency, we do this at a price that’s affordable, and in a professional and discrete manner.

Read on to learn about just some of the technology that we use to deliver peace of mind.


Non-intrusive, fast and efficient: fingerprint identification technology is an easy and discreet way to secure up large areas over many levels. For example, entrances and exit points to lifts and stairwells, right through to individual rooms, cupboards and flats. The small units can work independently or in conjunction with other security solutions, for example, facial recognition and touch fob systems.


Stratis wireless surveillance cameras are robust, modern and, most importantly, provide reliably great quality images wherever needed most. Stratis installed cameras at the Cardinal Lofts development to tackle and eliminate a wide range of problems; from uncovering covert activity in the basement to pest control. Cameras combined with CCTV warning signs are a constant reminder of the security presence, which has significantly reduced undesirable behaviour from residents and visitors.

Facial recognition

Capable of identifying a person from a digital image, Stratis face recognition technology scans the iris and matches faces from a pre-stored database of images. Used in conjunction with other high-tech solutions, Stratis has significantly tightened security and improved accountability at a major residential block in Ipswich where residents now show their faces at the front entrance in order to gain access.


No longer the remit of science fiction, long-range lasers are an efficient, effective and highly flexible way to monitor and guard what’s yours. Lasers can be set up as an invisible fence around fields, for example, to protect equine or livestock – or in areas that are targeted for high value materials, for example, church roofs. Any tampering to the laser triggers an alert, sent back as a high quality audio file. This combined with cameras, alarms and high quality lighting provides owners with great reassurance, even remotely.

Keypad entry systems

Stratis digitally coded keypads can be used for a wide range of door entry access solutions and conveniently, do not require the user to remember numerical combinations that are easily forgotten or copied. Simply tap the key fob against the pad and you’re in: the fobs or cards are purposely kept unbranded to reduce the likelihood of lost cards being tracked to their location or owner. Stratis controls the data remotely, allowing cards to be reset in a matter of seconds, rendering them useless in the wrong hands.

High security locks

Stratis implements high security locks to entrance points where the need for security is at its highest. Operating off fingerprint or keyless entry fobs, a single tap can open or shut down a series of embedded cylinder locks, super strength to prevent snapping. The locks are provided as part of an attractive door unit, which can be supplied as a single, heavy-duty security solution.

Covid products

We have been working on bringing solutions for the pandemic crisis to help people and businesses get back to work feeling comfortable doing so and preventing further spread.

We have produced and developed several devices which will aid in the workplace and give higher covid-19 safety measurements. A key symptom of this virus is an increased body temperature which is why spotting it can further prevent the spread of the virus. We have many types of thermal detection equipment capable of reading temperatures exceptionally quickly and accurately, thus giving a great indication as to whether that person might be infected. We also have thermal cameras, fogging and decontamination equipment with medical-grade standards fit for many different environments and scenarios. These devices will bring peace of mind to the workplace and ease concerns of further contamination of the virus. If required, our company can also assist in setting up the devices and giving you any technical support needed. Once this has been installed, it can be left to work independently with no staff needing to operate it.

View our videos of the products going through a demonstration for you to get an idea of how they work. If you require any further information or have any questions, please contact me, and we will be happy to help.


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